A Letter to the Workers 

by Kaylee Rasmussen

To the people who are saving our world,

Thank you for all that you are doing during this time. From firefighters and doctors to supermarket employees and teachers. People are going out daily to ensure the safety of others before themselves.

Thank you, firefighters. Firefighters are putting themselves out into a dangerous world to fight for  people who are suffering and to save them. Not only are firefighters taking sick patients to the hospital to be treated, but they are still running normal calls, such as car accidents and housefires. My dad, Nic Rasmussen, is a firefighter for South Pasadena Fire Department. The men must completely suit up before each call and take extreme precautions to make sure the virus does not spread to them or their loved ones when they arrive home.

Thank you, hospital workers. Surgeons, nurses and many other  employees in the hospital are saving and treating affected people every second. This is a very hard job to have during a time like this, so it is important to acknowledge the long, hard work they put in.

Thank you, teachers. Teachers were not prepared for something this distraught to happen. Teachers were not taught how to completely shift gears to go online and change plans for the remainder of the year. The hard work and dedication my mom and many other teachers in Florida are showing, is the reason why students are still being academically involved.

Thank you, supermarket employees. Shopping for food and necessities during a time like this is dangerous and challenging. People who work at grocery stores are being exposed to the public and the virus, just to make sure people are still getting food and what they need to survive.

Thank you to all these workers and many more who continue to fight for the community and who fight to protect their loved ones.

– Sincerely, Kaylee Rasmussen.

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