Mr. Cano is in the center of the back row.

We invited IB faculty and staff to tell us about their summer highlights.  Alvaro Cano provided this account. Mr. Cano is IB World Languages teacher and Spanish National Honor Society Sponsor.

I attended the iFLT (International Forum on Language Teaching) conference in Cincinnati, OH, with colleagues from other Pinellas County schools. It is sponsored by Fluency Matters and next year’s conference will take place here in St. Petersburg. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun learning new ways of teaching and sharing with the other teachers. It was a really great experience and I am very thankful PCSB gave me the chance to attend.   

This is how their website describes it:

“iFLT (International Forum on Language Teaching) is a grassroots group inspired by Dr. Stephen Krashen, creator of the Comprehension (Input) Hypothesis and numerous other theories that have helped to shape contemporary views on language acquisition.

iFLT is dedicated to helping teachers align their instructional approach(es) with the principles of SLA (second language acquisition). If you are interested in teaching for proficiency using CI-based strategies, the iFLT Conference is a must-attend event!”

In the picture above

FRONT L to R: Eliazar Lemus (Pinellas Park High School-Spanish), Marilyn Horrnik (East Lake High School-Spanish), Pam Benton (Content Area Specialist, PCSB).

BACK L to R: Christina Liu (Safety Harbor Middle School-Chinese), Esther Gonzalez-Wright (Seminole High School-Spanish), Rita Hensley Damp (East Lake High School-Spanish), Alvaro Cano (Saint Petersburg High School-IB Spanish), Katrin Pope (East Lake High School-German), and Emily Munoz (Madeira Beach Fundamental-Spanish)


Next year’s iFLT conference announcement



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