We invited new IB faculty and staff to introduce themselves to the SPHS IB community.

After teaching at St. Petersburg High School for the last 22 years I am very excited and honored to have the opportunity to teach in IB for the first time this year.

This is the only school I have worked at since graduating from USF with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education Degree.  I also went to Bay Point Elementary and Middle School, Lakewood High School, and St. Petersburg Junior College (as it was known when I attended).  I worked at Publix for nine years as I finished high school and attended college at SPC and USF.  So I have been around for awhile!  I have great pride in telling people I work at SPHS!

I taught AP Statistics and PreCalculus for about 17 years, AP Calculus AB for 4 years, and almost every other math class offered at SPHS over the last 22 years.  This year I am teaching IB PreCalculus Honors, AP Calculus AB for both the Traditional and IB program, IB AP Calculus BC, and the senior year of HL Math.


YouTube: ProfRobBob

I also started building a math channel on YouTube in August of 2011.  I have posted approximately 620 math lessons covering topics from Algebra 1 to Calculus 2 and Statistics. My channel has 170,000 Subscribers and during the school year my videos are viewed over 300,000 times a month.

My lessons are organized in playlists here www.YouTube.com/ProfRobBob, and are organized by chapter and topic here www.ProfRobBob.com.

Approximately 500 of my 600+ lessons have Closed Captions that I or a friend have personally typed.  These Captions help the hearing impaired and can be auto-translated into many language using the video settings button and the power of Google 🙂 .

My incredible wife Cheryl Tarrou and I will be celebrating our 25 wedding anniversary this October.

I have an interest in automobiles, photography, and I do a bit of calligraphy too.

Looking forward to talking with you in the future and a great school year…. BAM!

Thank you,

Rob Tarrou

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