At the May 2018 General Membership meeting, Ms. Farias received flowers and a cash gift from the IB Boosters in honor of her retirement.  This foreshadowed a wonderful presentation of gifts from the Class of 2018 and the parent community at large a few days later at the Senior Celebration.

The total amount raised for Ms. Farias’ Senior Celebration gifts was $4,070! 

When planning for their gift, the Class of 2018 stealthily circulated a flyer at a senior meeting to let parents know of the gift collection for Mrs. Farias. Through additional efforts by Michelle Magro, mother of senior Andrew Magro, word spread via Facebook, GoFundMe, and the IB Boosters’ email list which included familes of other class years.

 At Senior Celebration, Chelsea Rosen, one of the class valedictorians, presented gifts provided by the Class of 2018 and alumni and families of current IB students. A bud vase filled with flowers was inscribed with “Thank you for helping me bloom and grow. With gratitude, Class of 2018.” The seniors also gave her a beautiful message tree created by senior Jaya Brizendine and a scrapbook filled with pages of well wishes, thanks, and pictures from students.

Chelsea noted that Ms. Farias has worn many “hats” over the years: Teacher, administrator, friend, co-worker, mentor and coordinator.  Ms. Farias then was asked to reach into a bag for some new hats that were associated with these gifts:

  • A Cowboy Hat – accompanied by a $1,000 airfare gift certificate and a $1,000 gift certificate to Arapaho Ranch (her favorite!) in Nederland, Colorado. In retirement she can visit her son in Colorado more often.
  • A Captain’s Hat – accompanied by a $2,000 Visa gift certificate to use towards her dream trip of a river cruise on the Danube River.

As she received these gifts, Ms. Farias appeared to be in a state of happy shock and gratitude.  In addition, she was given a retirement card which acknowledged the donors.

Ms. Farias provided the following note to express her gratitude.

Dear Friends,

I want to thank all of you for your support for me and the IB Program over the past 12 years.  Having supportive parents is an important piece in the success of our program and our students.

I want to thank all the students and faculty for the beautiful message tree I was given at Senior Celebration.  The tree was created by Jaya Brizendene and is a true work of art.  I have read each of the thoughtful messages on the leaves at least once!  They made me laugh and they made me cry and they make me miss all of you so much.

The scrapbook is beautiful and I have read and re-read the messages from students many times.  Each time I read it I am moved by the kind words and sentiments from the students.

Your words have power and I will treasure them forever.  Thank you.

I want to thank the parents for the unbelievable gifts. Wow!  My head is still spinning!  I have been wanting to go on a River Cruise for years and you made that dream come true!  Not to mention flying to Colorado and staying at the peaceful Arapaho Ranch!  I was and still am in shock!  I think you all should join me at the Ranch, you would love it!  I honestly don’t know how to thank you.

As if a message tree, scrapbook, cruise, and vacations weren’t enough, it was topped off with beautiful flowers and a lovely etched bud vase that I have used several times already.

Your kindness means so much to me.  I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart.

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