A new feature has been added to The Advocate:  IB Guidance notices and announcements provided by Mrs. La’Tina Johnson, IB Guidance Counselor.  Because many of these announcements are timely and affect all four grades–not just seniors–, you might start seeing more frequent Advocate snippets in your mailbox to keep you better informed.

The headline of each post will be tagged to identify which are from IB guidance, and the title will indicate if a post pertains to a subset of students.  If a deadline exists, it will be mentioned in the title.  Also, “IB Guidance” is a new menu item to make it easier to find and browse all of these posts at once.

Some of the announcements are based on copies of letters and documents provided by other parties.  The small thumbnail image that begins each post can be clicked and expanded so you can easily see if  the topic seems relevant.   Images of documents will be inserted into posts, and a  new “Print article” feature has been added should you want a printed copy of the documents.

This is a new feature early in its inception.  If you have any suggestions, please drop an email and let us know.

Print article

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