Mrs. La’ Tina Johnson

From IB Guidance.

IB Seniors, our goal is 100%  Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) application completion!  When completing your Bright Futures application, please follow the instructions in the separate article “How to Complete the Florida Financial Aid Application

SAT/ACT Score Reporting

It’s your responsibility to submit your college entrance score report (SAT/ACT) to your colleges before the deadline. This information has been shared with you throughout this process.  It takes approximately 2-3 if not longer for College Board and/or ACT to process the request.

If you plan to test again, please share the information in the testing section of the application so the colleges will know to expect another score report.  Test scores are part of your application!  FSU will accept self-reported test scores until you receive notification which at that time you will need to submit your score report.

You do not need to request a transcript if the school is asking for you to complete the SSAR, which means you are self-reporting your academic course history.

There are still students who have not submitted their college form to me in order to process your transcript.  No form=No support documents as I do not know where you’re applying. I posted names on MB…please check to see if your name is on the list.

Please do not rely on others…come see me if you have any questions or concerns.

La’ Tina Johnson
School Counselor
International Baccalaureate Program
St. Petersburg High School

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