The SPHS IB Booster Board is seeking volunteers who are interested in learning more about Advocate editor duties and eventually taking on the role.  When our daughter graduates at the end of this school year, we will retire as co-editors of The Advocate.

It is a rewarding experience for those who like to edit, like to be involved, like to communicate, and who appreciate the benefits of sharing information. There also is a fun creative element of selecting pictures or clip art to highlight each article. It would be good for an editor(s) to be organized, detail-oriented, and able to meet deadlines that they set for themselves.

Editor duties are described below.   If you may be interested, please send a note to

Maureen Corbett and Joe O’Connor

Editors do the following: 

(a) Receive emails with IB news and photos from the IB Coordinator, IB Guidance Counselor, faculty, and IB families. Occasionally send announcements to IB parents and staff to request news.

(b) Organize and edit emails into short formats. Sometimes it’s useful to follow up to get more information.

(c) Post articles with images to The Advocate website.  Mrs Lane reviews the articles on the website prior to their publication.

(d) Send an automatic email with a list of new articles to the SPHS IB community.

(e) Since this is an IB Booster Board position, attend monthly IB Booster Board meetings.

(f) Edit an annual “brag sheet,” a 2-page flyer that summarizes IB program highlights from the previous school year. This is provided to prospective families at magnet program recruitment fairs.  A recent version of the flyer can be viewed in this article: Recruiting Future SPHS IB Students

Documented procedures exist for all tasks. One person could do all tasks but sharing the workload would be better. Currently, one editor completes tasks (a) and (b) and hands off to the other editor who completes (c) and (d). Either or both editors can do (e) and (f).

We currently work on a 6 to 8 week cycle of collecting and posting articles but that cycle schedule is flexible.

The website is based on WordPress, the most commonly used website software in the world. It is well-documented and supported, and formatting articles is very similar to using Microsoft Word. We use free Dropbox folders to organize and collaborate on articles in development.

Ideally, there will be a transition period during this school year to show the ropes to the next editor(s). We will remain available for questions after this school year ends.

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