Mrs. Lane has been attending Pinellas School District Program Recruitment Fairs to share information about the SPHS IB program with prospective students and their parents. She has been assisted by Mrs. Derrickson and several SPHS IB students at the discovery nights and magnet information fairs.

In prior years, Mrs. Farias handed out summer editions of The Advocate at the fairs to illustrate some of our program’s good news.  Because The Advocate is no longer printed, Advocate co-editor Joe O’Connor re-capped some 2017-2018 school year highlights into a 2-page flyer that Mrs. Lane handed out this year. You can view the handout (pdf) by clicking on the image below.

Students in the SPHS IB program have many unheralded successes, so please keep in mind submitting news of those activities and successes to The Advocate.  We would like to share that news now and recap many of those stories when a new flyer is prepared next year.

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