Mrs. Kiennoa Lane, SPHS IB Coordinator

Mrs. Kieonna Lane has been an educator for 15 years, and has held positions as an Assistant Principal, Teacher Leader, Program Coordinator and Classroom Teacher. She most recently was an Assistant Principal at Tampa’s Hillsborough High School, which also has an IB program. 

Originally from Indiana, she received her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, and her Master’s degree in Education Leadership from the American College of Education. She resides in Pinellas County with her husband and two daughters, and she looks forward to serving in the community in which she lives.

Mrs. Lane with Mr. Don Driskell, the first IB Coordinator for SPHS from 1983 to 1996.

At a recent IB conference, Mrs. Lane met Don Driskell, the very first IB Coordinator for SPHS from 1983 to 1996.  Mrs. Lane said that he gave her some helpful pointers and wished her well in her new position.

Mrs. Lane will be just the fourth IB Coordinator in the 35 years of the SPHS IB Program! She has a lot of new names to learn so please give her a warm welcome when you happen to see her this Fall.   To help introduce Mrs. Lane to our community, we asked her seven questions which appear below.


Seven Questions for Mrs. Lane

1. What influenced you to pursue a career in education?

Growing up I had several inspiring teachers who often made me wonder if I should go into to education. I was not sold completely but worked as a substitute teacher in college. When I arrived in Florida I began subbing with Pinellas County Schools. It was supposed to temporary, however, I was offered a long-term sub position. I became a full-time classroom teacher at a local middle school and loved it. That experience confirmed that I had found my niche.

2. You originally are from Indiana. What brought you down to sunny Florida?

My uncle received a promotion during my freshman year in college that required him and his family to relocate to Florida. I took a road trip to Florida the following spring break. I loved everything about it–the warm weather, beautiful beaches, palm trees and southern hospitality. On that trip, I decided that after graduation I would move to Florida. Upon graduation, I moved as planned to Clearwater, which is where my aunt, uncle and cousins live.

3. Your most recent position was Assistant Principal of Student Affairs at Hillsborough High School. What gave you the most satisfaction in that role?

That role encompassed many things. Of those things, I thoroughly enjoyed working with students and their families, offering assistance with whatever was needed. It brought me immense joy to see students that I mentored excelling both in and outside of the classroom. However, I equally enjoyed supporting and developing teachers.

4. You maintain a Twitter account that has been very supportive of the Hillsborough High School community. Do you anticipate using social media to reach out to the SPHS IB community?

Absolutely! I will maintain my personal twitter account @mrsknlane to highlight things happening at SPHS. I will also be managing an account exclusively for our IB program, @stpeteib.  IB parents and students can follow for IB highlights, updates, reminders etc.

5. Can you describe some things about SPHS that attracted you to the IB Coordinator position? 

I was attracted to the SPHS IB coordinator position because it’s a premier program that is rich in tradition.

6. In your spare time, what do you like to do for fun and recreation?

I spend most of my spare time with my family, both immediate and extended. We enjoy a wide range of activities together; the beach, camping, traveling, theme parks etc.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the SPHS IB community?

It’s an honor to be appointed the new IB Coordinator at SPHS. I believe in the mission of the International Baccalaureate programme.  I’m looking forward to getting to know and working with the students and their families as well as maintaining the rich traditions of the SPHS IB program.

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