Senior Natalie Stiles, junior Layla Sumilang, and freshman Amber Aronson received All American Honors during the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) camp.  “It is the highest honor a cheerleader can be given in high school,” said Varsity Cheerleading Coach Andrea Anderson.

Coach Anderson explained that All American candidates “are nominated by coaches and staff during camps for things like outstanding leadership and skills. They then ‘try out’ in front of the entire camp, and the UCA instructors judge their skills and abilities. If they make the cutoff score, they are named All American.”

Kudos also to senior cheerleader Alexandra DeBure for being named a National Merit Semi-Finalist.

The Varsity and JV Football Cheer teams are pictured below.

Varsity Football Cheer Team

IB seniors on the Varsity Football Cheer team are Natalie Stiles, Abby Wilson, Allison Rothman, Katie Winecki, Lexi Sweigart, Tia Beaver, Cammie Peebles, and Alexandra DeBure.

IB juniors on the Varsity Football Cheer team are Layla Sumilang, Elizabeth Martynow, Jada Amis, and Devon Miller.

JV Football Cheer Team

IB sophomores on the JV Football Cheer team are Hailey Emerson, Hannah Davis, and Pearson Cappa,

IB Freshmen on the JV Football Cheer team are Jordon Miller, Amber Aronson, Lauren Richard, Piper Bond, Ella Dunham, Charly Slager, Mia Savic, and Olivia DeForest.

Photos courtesy of Coach Andrea Anderson.

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