Club Med – ER Trauma

Club MED is a new club on campus that organizes opportunities for high school students to gain exposure to the medical field before college. To date, they have brought in six medical professionals to speak to members as well as participated in three field trips to local medical facilities.  IB junior Meira Kowalski is the president and founder of Club MED.

Four events are included in the picture gallery below.

1. All Children’s Hospital: On December 14, 2018, Club MED had the opportunity to visit All Children’s Hospital. At this event, members listened to three different physicians speak about their fields, which were cardiovascular surgery, digital analysis, and trauma surgery. Students toured the simulation center and gain hands-on experience with the models. They are scheduled to return to All Children’s on April 30 to hear from more physicians and hopefully participate in another hands-on learning experience.

2. All Florida Orthopedics: On September 20, 2018 at All Florida Orthopedics on 4th Street North, members were given a tour of the facility and saw how a modern orthopedic clinic functioned. Students were taught the methodology in casting and even gained some practice!

3. ER Trauma: On October 3, 2018, Dr. Fredericks came to St. Pete High after school and discussed her experiences as a certified ER Trauma surgeon. After her lecture, students practiced inserting trachea tubing and catheters on life size dummies.

4. Pediatric neuro-oncology: Meira Kowalski, with other members from Club MED, is pictured holding a preserved child’s brain brought in by Dr. Stapleton, a pediatric neuro-oncologist at All Children’s Hospital. Dr. Stapleton lectured about her field before revealing the brain to students and allowing them to interact with it hands-on!

Club MED has hosted many other speakers, including a gynecologist, nurse practitioner, neurologist, and radiologist. Currently, there are around 90 members in the club. New members will be able to join at the beginning of the school year. Watch for announcements on Devil Vision and on the Facebook pages for the different class years.

(photos courtesy of Meira Kowalski)

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