The Great Debaters Emerge VictoriousOn Friday April 20, the SPHS Speech and Debate Team competed in The Great Debate competition. It is sponsored by the Clearwater Bar Association and  students argue in real courtrooms, in front of real attorneys and judges, and receive feedback on their performances.

We have held the trophy for four years in a row.

We took three teams, all IB students:  Danielle LeVine (12), Camille Luong (10), Thalinna Faren (11), Victor Xie (9), Madison Ferguson (10), and Lydia Silverstone (10).

As the quarter-final teams were announced, two of our teams (Danielle Levine, Camille Luong, Thalinna Faren, and Victor Xie) stepped up to defend our title.  When the dust settled only two teams stood victorious, Danielle Levine and Camille Luong, and Thalinna Faren and Victor Xie.

SPHS teams will battle in the final round against each other thus guaranteeing SPHS a five-year winning streak for the Great Debate.

The finals will take place Wednesday, April 25 at the Pinellas County Justice Center. The winner of this round will be announced at the annual Clearwater Bar Association Luncheon in May.

Thanks to debate sponsor Ms. Kiya Broughton for providing information for this post.

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