Congratulations to the Thespians on a great showing at the State Festival in March! Ms. Grunz reported that everyone represented SPHS well.


Superiors were awarded in the following categories (with IB students and grade levels in bold).

Solo Musical – Natalie Cottrill (12) and Alexa Jean-Poix

Small Group Musical – Weidenfeller & Co.: (Lucia Rau (9), Lindsay Weidenfeller  (9), and Nellie Rettig (9))

Large Group Musical – Lynch & Co.: Elizabeth Johnson, Sionna Monte, Angela Lynch, David Eaton Jr. (11), Emanuel Williams, Kaylah Schleich, Vanessa Reyes, Georgia Rosen, Madison Nielsen, Jadyn Gonzales (11), Bailey Rubero

Duet Musical – Madison Nielsen and Georgia Rosen.

The theme was “Peace, Love and Thespians” and over 9,000 secondary students attended.

Students participated in dance, vocal, acting, film, playwriting and improv workshops with Broadway and Tony nominees as well as respected college and industry professionals. Donations were collected for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS.

Also congratulations to Natalie Cottrill for being awarded the Dolly Van Parys District Scholarship.

For more information about the St Petersburg High School Theatre Thespian Troupe, please visit their website:

Thanks to Ms. Tricia Grunz, Theatre Department Director, providing information for this post.

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