Based on the 2017-2018 National History Day “Conflict and Compromise” theme, students across the nation researched subjects with a local, national, or world history impact.  St. Pete High IB sophomores participated in this competition as well as Victor Xie, the only freshman, and school and county awards are listed below.

To complete an NHD project, students must analyze and interpret their research, and then express their findings in a documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, or website. Student entries are first judged at the school level, and then top scorers proceed to the county, state, and national levels.

At the SPHS school level, the following categorical awards were presented.

  • Individual Documentary
    • 1st Place Camille Luong, 2nd Place Meira Kowalski
  • Individual Exhibit
    • 1st Place Lydia Silverstone, 2nd Place Sydney Soskin
  • Individual Paper
    • 1st Place Victor Xie, 2nd Place Sophia Hirst
  • Group Documentary
    • 1st Place Savannah Newmeyer, Callie Cleary, Kate Martin, and Emma Borchuck; 2nd place Emma Conover and Lauren Copenhaver
  • Group Exhibit
    • 1st Place Ansley Burtch and Jenna Feller; 2nd Place Hannah Corn, Allison Hillier, and Hayden Fredericks
  • Group Website
    • 1st Place Darshna Bhatt and Vanna Hoang; 2nd place Alexandre Bordas, Jamie Chau, and Emily Strobhar

These students then competed at the Pinellas County History Fair on March 2 and 3, 2018.

Congratulations to the students listed who placed at the county level and received special recognition.  Each first and second-place winner will advance to the state contest in Tallahassee, Florida in May.

SPHS is advancing more students to the state contest than any other high school in Pinellas County. Well done and good luck to the six SPHS IB students who will advance to the state contest!

  • Individual Documentary
    • Motown: Cultural Compromise in a Time of Political Conflict
    • Camille Luong 1st Place, Best in School
  • Individual Documentary
    • James Donovan and the Great Spy Exchange
    • Meira Kowalski 3rd Place
  • Individual Exhibit
    • The Mayhem in Salem
    • Sydney Soskin 1st Place
  • Individual Paper
    • Together Let Us Explore the Stars: Collaboration in Space Exploration During the Cold War
    • Sophia Hirst 1st Place
  • Individual Paper
    • A Historic Compromise in the Name of Equality and International Conflict: The Burlingame Treaty of 1868
    • Victor Xie 2nd Place
  • Individual Website
    • Mistress Cheng I Sao: The Ruthless Pirate that Ruled the South China Sea
    • Sophia Vesely 1st Place
  • Individual Website
    • The Filipino Insurrection: American Domination or Liberation?
    • Celina Vo 2nd Place
  • Group Website
    • The Opium Wars: An Unequal Compromise Between Two Empires at War
    • Alexandre Bordas, Jamie Chau, Emily Strobhar – 3rd Place

Thanks to Shirin Vesely who contributed to this article.

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