The SPHS Debate Team took two teams to compete in the regional Ethics Bowl.  Ms. Broughton notes that this is the team’s tenth year competing! 

The Varsity team, all IB students, competed with senior Danielle Levine, sophomores Camille Luong and Arielle Noah, and freshman Victor Xie and took 3rd place!

The Junior team held onto the record for SPHS by winning 1st place for the 10th year in a row!  These debaters are IB students (with grade levels) Julia Linkogle (12), Jack McKyton (10), Lydia Silverstone (10), and traditional program student Manuel Plazas.

They will compete with another team for a web match to clinch a trip to North Carolina to compete at the National Ethics Bowl.

Thanks to debate sponsor Ms. Kiya Broughton for providing information for this post.

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