Lacrosse will visit Stewart Field on April 5 in what is expected to be a preview of the sport’s future in Pinellas high schools.  Three games will be played by Pinellas lacrosse club teams, hosted by the Green Devil lacrosse teams which mostly are comprised of St. Pete High students.   Twenty-six SPHS IB students are on the rosters and are listed below.  The evening’s schedule includes a Senior Night celebration.

Thursday April 5

  • 5:30PM: Green Devil Boys JV vs. East Lake JV
  • 6:30PM: Green Devil Girls Varsity vs. East Lake Varsity
  • 8:00PM: Senior Recognition – Girls and Boys
  • 8:15PM: Green Devil Boys Varsity vs. East Lake Varsity

Lacrosse in Pinellas currently is an off-campus club sport, but it soon may be a Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) sanctioned varsity sport in Pinellas county schools. Under the leadership of Mr. Al Bennett, former SPHS principal and now Athletic Director for Pinellas schools, efforts are underway to build a starting foundation of lacrosse teams in several Pinellas high schools, including St. Pete High.

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport nationally with Florida at the top of the list. Attend the games and enjoy this fast-paced, exciting sport. Learn more at (Girls lacrosse), (Boys lacrosse), and (Transition to FHSAA-sanctioned sport).

SPHS IB Girls Lacrosse players

Freshman Abbey Warchola; sophomores Jada Amis and Simone Till; juniors Mary Gunter, Abby Wilson, Renee Veleva, Meara Corbett-O’Connor, Nadya Riley, Lauren Becker, and Lindsay Wilson;  and seniors Khoury Kennedy and Sarah Reith.

SPHS IB Boys Lacrosse players

Freshmen Cooper Dano, Shane Farmer, Aidan Hosmer, Joey Letzring, Grayson Readey, and Aidan Roland;  sophomores Alexandre Bordas, Filippo Bosco, Wyatt Dano, Taylor Heinrich, Samuel Shukys, and Joe Wilson; junior Ashton Willingham;and senior Joey Zawacki.

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