Congratulations to the SGA officers and councilpersons for next school year!   Some councilperson positions are open. If anyone is interested in a position, see the class sponsor for information.  IB students are in boldface.

SGA Executive Board for 2018-2019

President: Victor Vong

Vice-President: Nancy Tran (12)

Secretary: Emily Bothwell (10)

Treasurer: Madison Ferguson (11)

Sponsor: Pickett


Class of 2019 – Senior Class

President: Mary Gunter

Vice-President: Julia Finster

Treasurer: Aman Patel

Secretary:  Unfilled, to be appointed by sponsor

6 Councilpersons: Unfilled, to be appointed by sponsor

Sponsor: Anderson


Class of 2020 – Junior Class

President: Connor Evans

Vice-President: Katie Nelson

Secretary: Filippo Bosco

Treasurer: Emma Conover

6 Councilpersons: Unfilled, to be appointed by sponsor

Sponsor: Brubaker


Class of 2021 – Sophomore Class

President: Madelaine Perez

Vice-President:Pooja Manjakandy

Treasurer: Victor Xie

Secretary: Matthew Cortez

Councilpersons: Logan Wilson, Maggie Thompson, Luka Savic, and Owen Noyes. Two positions to be appointed by sponsor.

Sponsor: Trunk

Class of 2022 – Freshman Class

Freshman class sponsor is Josh Beam.

An election will be held within the first three weeks of the 2018-19 school year.

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