We want to recognize these students who served as class officers for the 2017-2018 school year that just ended.

IB student names in bold.

Class of 2018 – Senior Class

President: Connor Smith

Vice President: George Quay

Secretary: Clay Wilsey

Treasurer:  Aidan Evans


Class of 2019 – Junior Class

President: Aaron Boner

Vice President: Nancy Tran

Secretary:  Mary Gunter

Treasurer: Victor Vong

Board Member: Julia Finster


Class of 2020 – Sophomore Class

President: Kate Nelson

Vice President: Mia Mcsheffrey

Secretary: Madison Ferguson

Councilpersons: Olivia Maselli, Abigail Hoyt


Class of 2021 – Freshmen Class

President: Claudia Johnson

Vice President: Caleb Fruland

Secretary: Katie Sebring

Treasurer: Victor Xie

Councilpersons: Matthew Cortez, Rachel Landwehr, Pooja Pramod Manjakandy, Nicole Robison

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