Congratulations to the IB students who represented SPHS as both 1st Place Winners and 1st Runners Up at the April 25th Great Debate sponsored by the Clearwater Bar Association.   This event was a follow-up to the preliminary Great Debate that occurred in April 20 and reported here.

This is the fifth year in a row that SPHS has won the Fogle Trophy, which is like the Stanley Cup of Debate.  All the students won cash prizes and plaques. The winning team has a newly engraved plaque on the Fogle Trophy.

Class grade levels are noted.

1st Place Winners: Thalinna Faren (11) and Victor Xie (9)

Runners Up: Danielle LeVine (12) and Camille Luong (10)

Thanks to Ms. Kiya Broughton, Debate Sponsor, for providing information for this article.

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