Examosaursus with captured treasury tag prey

After years of needing to relocate to different locations in the area for IB exams, for the second year in a row the Pinellas Technical College has provided a convenient and perfect venue for the exams.  Mrs. Farias extends her thanks to Mr. Boe Norwood, Director of Pinellas Technical College, for making his campus available to the SPHS IB program for these critical exams.  Mrs. Farias adds, “His secretary who organizes the whole thing is Wanda Rottloff–she is amazing and so helpful!”

For the past three years, my husband Joe O’Connor and I have been IB exam proctors. Each year I am moved as I witness the grit of students completing their several week marathon of exam preparations and exam taking including extensive hand writing of exam answers. Bravo for their discipline and endurance.

The photos capture some exam moments. The tiny dinosaur holds some ubiquitous treasury tags which are used to bind exam pages together. Some students completed their last IB exam just before the graduation ceremony.

— Maureen Corbett, The Advocate Co-Editor

Photos by Mrs. Farias and Joe O’Connor.  You can click on any photo to enlarge it and start a gallery viewer.

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