After Irma, AP Calculus Students Stayed True to Math

They say time and tide wait for no one, and the same is true of the Advanced Placement Calculus exam that was held on May 15, 2018.   Students had been preparing for the exam since the beginning of the school year.

In anticipation of Hurricane Irma, AP Calculus teacher Robin Ladd instructed her students to prepare to study the material on their own in potentially adverse conditions depending on how long St. Petersburg High remained closed after the storm.

“Take home your textbook; print out your assignments before you lose power and Internet. If you evacuate, take your math with you!” she advised on the last day of class before the storm. (more…)

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Robin Ladd Chosen as Lignell Outstanding Teacher

Mrs. Ladd (right) receives Lignell Award

Congratulations to Robin Ladd for receiving a 2018 Lignell Outstanding Mathematics Educator Award.  The prestigious Lignell Award Program recognizes outstanding contributions to pre-college education in Mathematics and Science by public high school teachers nominated across 12 Florida counties.  (more…)

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