LockerAll students who want to use a school locker must purchase a SPHS lock. You cannot use a lock from middle school or one purchased from a store. SPHS locks will be for sale in the IB Office for $5 (CASH ONLY; PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE) and can be re-used each year.

Lock sales and locker assignments will occur in the IB Office (Room 157) from 10am-1pm on the following dates:

  • Seniors (Class of 2020): Monday August 5
  • Juniors (Class of 2021): Tuesday August 6
  • Sophomores (Class of 2022): Wednesday August 7
  • Freshmen (Class of 2023): Thursday August 8.  On this date, freshmen can select* a locker on the 2nd floor

*Incoming freshmen (Class of 2023) can also purchase locks and receive assigned lockers at Freshman Orientation. Locker locations are assigned, not selected.

Do not place a lock on a locker until you have registered the lock combination and locker number! Locks placed on lockers that are not registered will be removed.

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